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To hear more about what we do, listen back to our interviews with community radio station, Near FM.

Katie Cluskey, Senior Speech & Language Therapist with Preparing for Life Early Years Education, talks about what a Speech & Language Therapist does, Developmental Language Disorder and how to get a referral. (17th October 2022)

Caroline Creagh, Home Visitor and Infant Mental Health Coordinator, talks about Infant Mental Health and the workshops that are available for parents and caregivers to learn more. (11/10/2022)
Niamh Lohan, Community Midwife with Preparing for Life, discusses National Breastfeeding Week and how we are celebrating with our breastfeeding moms and babies. (4/10/2022)
Jelena Simic, our Early Years Coordinator, talks about Building Big Futures, our professional development programme to support high quality Early Years education and care and meeting the needs of our Early Years Educators. (5/9/2022)


Katie Cluskey, Senior Speech & Language Therapist with Preparing for Life Early Years Education, discusses Small Talkers, a fun and interactive workshop to explore how parents can support their children’s communication development, providing practical strategies, ideas and tips that they can use during play and everyday routines. (9th May 2022)
Prevention & Early Intervention Network
Maria O’Dwyer
of PEIN explains what the Prevention & Early Intervention Network does and why investment in Prevention & Early Intervention is a great investment. (13/6/2022)
Niall Sexton, Programme Manager with Preparing for Life, announces that the PFL’s Home Visiting programme has been selected to be implemented in Chicago by the University of Chicago’s Centre for the Economics of Human Development (CEHD), founded by Nobel Laureate, James Heckman. (21/3/2022)
Dads-Only Baby Massage
Preparing For Life’s Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Melanie Murphy, talks to Donie about the benefits of baby massage and the new Dads-only baby massage group she is starting. (28/2/2022)
Leah Russell, Early Years Programme Coordinator with Preparing For Life, explains the National Childcare Scheme and how it disadvantages parents who are not working. (4th October 2021)
Linda Pickett talks about Preparing for Life’s Parenting Programmes, in particular Triple P Positive Parenting Programme (5th July 2021)
Melanie Murphy, Winner Best Practice Award from The Story Massage Programme joins Donie to chat about the programme and what the award means. (15th June 2021)
Public health nurse and lactation consultant with Preparing for Life, Niamh Lohan, talks about Preparing for Life’s perinatal services including Antenatal Care & Education, Breastfeeding Support and Baby Massage. (3rd February 2021)
Caroline Creagh, Preparing For Life Home Visiting Mentor with The Northside Partnership and Niamh O’Shaughnessy, mother & PFL Home Visiting Programme Participant join Donie to discuss the massive benefits of the Preparing For Life program on families with new babies. (10th May 2021)
Niall Sexton, Manager of Preparing for Life, and Dr. Orla Doyle, UCD Geary institute for Public Policy discuss the research carried out into the ongoing effects of the Home Visiting programme at age 9. (16/12/2019)
Donie Tarrant is joined by Niall Sexton, Programme Manager and Sue Cullen, Preparing for Life. They talk to Donie about a new program they have rolled out to help young children who find themselves in emergency accommodation. (30th September 2019)