Peep Groups

Peep groups share simple ways of supporting your child’s learning and development in everyday life. 

You can make a real difference just by talking, singing, sharing books and playing together.

Peep groups are for parents/carers and their children together, and aim to support families with their children's early learning in a simple and enjoyable way. The Learning Together Programme was designed to be flexible, enabling practitioners and/or families to choose the range of child development topics and the number of sessions that they want.  Groups are designed for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers or mixed ages and held in community settings or schools

An important part of Peep groups are the relationships that develop. There are usually up to a dozen or so families in a group. The welcoming approach and group agreement developed by all the families creates a safe space, where a sense of trust and security can develop. Parents and carers become confident in sharing their own experiences, challenges and ideas that they have tried at home..

What happens in a peep group?

The different elements of a Peep group provide opportunities to have fun together and to share the key ideas that support children's development. Peep sessions include:

  • songs and rhymes
  • joint play activities
  • a talking time for adults (about an aspect of children's development)
  • story and book-sharing time 
  • ideas for families to try at home.

Adults do not need to read or write during a Peep group. Everyone is invited (but not pressured!) to join in during singing and talk time.

Come along - you and your child can make friends, share ideas and have fun through singing, story and activities.

Peep sessions are for parents/family members/carers and children of any age!

To find out more information and to reserve your place please contact Linda on 087 143 2889 or email