Implementation Support

PFL has established a Development and Implementation Team to support the communities and organisations that wish to provide PFL Home Visiting in their area.  The Development Team will work with communities through all stages of implementation:

Implementation Guide for Home Visitors and Managers

PFL has developed a comprehensive Implementation Guide for Home Visitors and Managers as well as a range of resources tools including Tipsheets, Milestone Guides etc.  The Development Team will also provide support and supervision for Home Visitors to ensure best practice and fidelity to the PFL Model in each community.  Throughout this process, the Development Team take a strengths based approach, building on the local resources and capabilities within the community and customising the implementation process to each site. 


PFL provides a standardised training for all new Home Visitors and Managers. This covers the underlying theories, practice principles and delivery processes. In keeping with the PFL approach, the training builds on the existing skills, knowledge and experience of the new staff and provides opportunities to practice and observe the Home Visiting process in action.

Tipsheets / Developmental Resources

Information and tips, presented in an accessible, attractive format, designed to be delivered “just in time” as the child grows. All information has been carefully researched and updated. Areas covered:

  • Cognitive Development
  • Socio Emotional Development
  • Nutrition
  • Parental Support
  • Safety and Supervision
  • Rest and Routine
  • Transition to School

Supervision & Support

The PFL Development Team provide supervision and coaching to Home Visitors and Managers. This allows staff to be fully supported in their role and also facilitates fidelity to the PFL model. Each site is different and the supervision arrangements will be customised to the local situation. Supervision elements include:

  • One-to-one support and supervision
  • Coaching and mentoring for Home Visiting Supervisors
  • Group peer support and Case Reviews

Communications and Promotional Materials

PFL has developed a recognised brand identity with range of flyers and posters as well as collateral for social media platforms.  The Development Team will support sites to customise these materials to their community.