Values and Approach

Our overall goal is “to support parents to nurture children, so the child, the family and the community can thrive.”

We do this via the supports we offer and the way we engage with families.

  • PFL believes in the capability of every individual (whether that refers to families engaging in the programme, staff in the programme or other organisations or supports we engage with).
  • We also strive to nurture these relationships and explore opportunities for creating flourishing, wellbeing and hope.  We do this by celebrating all accomplishments (no matter how big or small) and learning to notice and hold the potential for growth in everyday interactions. It is integral to us that this is done with compassion and understanding.  
  • We believe in constantly striving to improve and learn and finding ways of connecting theory and practice and translating this into improvements in programme delivery.
  • We hold all relationships at the centre of everything we do. PFL Home Visiting has a commitment to the communities where it is located, especially to improving outcomes for families living in those communities.
  • We want to ensure that every child gets the best possible opportunity to have a positive home experience and be ready for school. 
  • We also want the wider family, of which the child is a part, to flourish and thrive.

Practice Principles

PFL HV has developed a series of practice principles that help us implement our core values highlighted above.  But most importantly, we have realised that the relationship between the Home Visitor and the parent/family is key to the delivery of the programme. This is the foundation through which all the activities happen, and we believe it impacts on what the family gets from the programme.